For Parents

For Parents

Supersolid loves making games. We are happy to see that you or someone you care about has picked up one of our games to play - thank you! We hope that you enjoy playing our games as much as we enjoy making them.

This article addresses the questions that you might have for your childrens’ safety while playing Supersolid games. We are here to make sure you get all the support you need with in-app purchases, privacy & data protection and age limits, etc. Supersolid upholds and operates on certain principles relating to our players. They are:

  • All players are treated with respect. Our top priority is providing a great player experience within our games. Supersolid prides ourselves on delivering the best quality content for our players.
  • We want our players to be informed of all things related to our games, giving you total control of your gaming experience. Right from the point that you hear of our game to the point during which you download and play it, we want you to be in the know of all the contents of our games. This means that it has been made clear when you’re about to make any purchase within a game.
  • If you or your child encounter any issues, bugs, or cases of harassment within our games, you should be able to quickly find out how to fix it. In addition to providing easy-to-follow guides, we also provide assistance on how to contact the right company in cases that are not directly handled by us, such as payment related issues for purchases made from app stores.

Keep reading as we answer some frequently asked questions. If you do not find an answer here, please email us at [email protected] with details of what happened and when, transaction ID receipts, relevant screenshots, etc.

Where are games available?

Our games are available worldwide for free on iOS and Android phones and tablets. To start playing one of our games, download the game app to your device via the Play Store (Android) or App Store (Apple). So far, we launched five games globally - Super Penguins, Adventure Town, Food Street, Home Street and our newest addition, Snake Rivals.

What are the age limits for games?

It is recommended that players must be at least 13 years of age or use the app under parental supervision. Although the graphical content for all our games may sometimes be suitable for younger audiences, reasons such as in-app purchases, in-game chat, and piracy lead to the application of age limit on our apps.

Please Note: When you download our games from Google Play or the Apple App Store, you will find published age recommendations in the apps description. However, these age or maturity classifications refer only to the content suitability (similar to movie ratings G, PG or PG-13 in the U.S., but related to gameplay, animations, etc.) according to the respective rating body responsible for such ratings. As these ratings are done independently by a third party without our contribution, they are not necessarily in line with our Terms of Service.

Privacy and Processing of Personal Data


Where applicable, our players are asked to set up a username during the game's tutorial (Restaurant name in Food Street, Character Name in Home Street, and Snake Name in Snake Rivals). We recommend that the name chosen does not directly identify the player’s real name to increase security and privacy. You are able to change the username at any time after the tutorial via the in-game settings in our games.

Payment Information

Supersolid does not store or have direct access to your credit card details. All transactions are completed through the Apple App Store or Google Play (depending on your device) via the personal email address associated with that account.


If you are an existing customer, we will only contact you by electronic means (e-mail or SMS) with information about goods and services similar to those which were the subject of a previous sale to you.

If you are not an existing customer, we will contact you by electronic means only if you have consented to this.

If you do not want us to use your data in this way, please tick the relevant box situated on the form on which we collect your data or contact us at [email protected].

We do not disclose information about identifiable individuals to our advertisers, but we may provide them with aggregate information about our users (for example, 500 users of iOS have clicked on their advertisements on any given day). We may also use such aggregate information to help advertisers reach the kind of audience they want to target (for example, users of iOS that use Our App for more than an hour each day). We may make use of the data we have collected from you to enable us to comply with our advertisers’ wishes by displaying their advertisement to that target audience.

How does Chat work?

Two of our games, Food Street and Home Street have an in-game chat feature available. Our players enjoy interacting with each other within our games and Supersolid strives to provide a safe and secure environment for that.

Team Chat

In both our games, Food Street and Home Street, players can join a team (called Food Club or Neighborhood depending on the game). Once you are part of a team, you have access to the chat function where you can interact with other members on your team. Teams may be open or closed.

Safety Features

All team chats also have a profanity filter. It's a good idea to advise your child that if they are chatting with someone they don't know and are uncomfortable with, they should exit the team/game and speak to you about it. Users can leave a team whenever they want to. Furthermore a report functionality is directly accessible from within the game. Read more about that in the next section.

How to report an issue?

If you, or your child comes across a user that is not following Supersolid’s Safe and Fair Play Policy, report them to us in a few simple steps.

  • Load the game
  • Go to Settings (gear at the top left) > Email Us
  • Include screenshot of inappropriate message, Food Club/Neighborhood of player, level and Character/Restaurant name of player in the email

The reporter's identity is not shared with the person being reported. Reporting a player does not automatically end up in a ban for the reported user. Every report is manually reviewed by our staff and is taken seriously. Due to the amount of reports we receive, it may take up to 48h until a report is reviewed.

You can also directly email us at [email protected] - including specific details about the player in question (e.g. screenshots of the conversation and or player profile), to help us quickly understand and identify the issue.

In App Purchases

We at Supersolid are happy to find players of all ages playing our games. Supersolid is aware that it can be common for children to accidentally make in-app purchases in our games while playing. Fortunately, this can be avoided and below addresses how parents can take appropriate steps to prevent accidental purchases made in our games.

Apple Devices

Special precautions that parents can undertake on Apple devices in order to prevent accidental purchases made by anyone who is too young to understand online transactions are as follows:

  • Open Settings -> General, and then click ‘Restrictions’.
  • Click ‘Enable Restrictions’, and create and re-enter your passcode for restrictions.
  • Click the ‘In-App Purchases’ button.
  • After this, the button will change from green to white, indicating that all in-app purchases are disabled.

If you want to allow the possibility to make in-app purchases, but want the device to ask for the password every time when making an in-app purchase, please do the following:

  • Open Settings -> General, and then click ‘Restrictions’.
  • Enter your restrictions passcode.
  • Click the ‘In-App Purchases’ button to enable the purchases.
  • Scroll down to locate ‘Password Settings’.
  • Click ‘Always Require’.

After this, the in-app purchases are allowed but trying to make one always prompts the device to ask for the password. Visit Apple Support for more information on enabling purchasing restrictions. Parents can also use the Ask to Buy feature to limit their children’s access to purchasing.

Android Devices

To prevent accidental in-app purchases on your Android Device, please follow the steps below

  • Open the Google Play Store app, and navigate to the main menu. The main menu can be found by clicking the button on the top left of the screen.
  • Click ‘Settings’.
  • Under ‘User Controls’ section, you’ll find a subsection ‘Require authentication for purchases’. Click that.
  • Check ‘For all purchases through Google Play on this device’.

After this, the device will ask authentication every time the user tries to make an in-app purchase.

Please note: The instructions above may vary according to the device and software version you are using. Please click on this link for a step-by-step instruction provided by Google’s support page that may work for you

Amazon Devices

To set up Parental Controls on your Amazon Android device for in-app purchases:

  • Launch the Amazon Appstore on your device.
  • Open the menu, tap Settings, and then tap Parental Controls
  • Select Enable Parental Controls, and then enter your Amazon account password. Once you do this, entry of your Amazon account password will be required to complete any in-app purchases on your device

Tip: You can also set up Parental Controls for in-app purchases from the Amazon app for Android version 5.0 or higher by following these steps:

  • Launch the Amazon app for Android on your device.
  • Open the menu, expand the Apps & Games submenu, tap Apps & Games Settings, and then tap Parental Controls.
  • Select Enable Parental Controls, and then enter your Amazon account password.

You also have the option to require a PIN for in-app purchases instead of your account password. To do this, select Use PIN after enabling Parental Controls.


Apple Devices

Supersolid does not process payments for in-app purchases nor has access to your credit card information. Transactions made by you are processed by the App Store. A receipt is then emailed to you to the email linked to your App Store Account. As Supersolid does not have direct access to the billing and payment process, we ask that to contact your App Store directly for all payment and refund related queries.

Apple Payment Options:

Contact Apple Support:

Android Devices

For credits purchased within Our App from Google Play, we may issue you a refund if we decide that you are eligible. Refund requests will be judged on a case-by-case basis.

We have a 14-day refund policy. You are eligible for a refund within 14 days of the purchase date.

Please note that you are responsible for ensuring that all persons who access your copy of Our App are aware of these terms and that they comply with them. Any accidental purchase as a result of negligence will not guarantee a refund.