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Our Culture

Supersolid is an award-winning independent game developer based in central London. We build games we love for players all around the world.

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Our Story

In 2012, Michelle, Tommy & Ken sat around a kitchen table in London making SuperPenguins, an infinite runner starring - you guessed it - a penguin.

Supersolid’s first game became a hit in South Korea and started our mission of making beautiful and engaging mobile free-to-play games!

Always looking to learn and grow as a creative studio, next Supersolid developed simulation games Food Street & Home Street, before branching out into competitive multiplayer with Snake Rivals and Roblox with RoPets.

We’ve been going back to our roots as a creative studio and have been developing more games from scratch over the past three years!

Our new release Cook & Merge brings together our passion for simple, engaging gameplay, beautiful graphics and delicious food!

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Our People

Our diverse team of welcoming and experienced individuals makes for a fun and supportive creative studio. We’ve all had incredible experiences in developing games (particularly casual and free-to-play), both on browsers and mobiles. Some of us come from different backgrounds, but there’s no question when it comes to games – we love them!

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Our Founders

Supersolid's founders met at Playfish (acquired by Electronic Arts). At that point, the team had already developed over 70 games together, including major hits such as The Ancient Empires Series, Restaurant City, Pet Society and The Sims Social.

Michelle is a highly experienced Art Director, Kenneth a Creative Director with secret skills in pixel and low-poly art, and Tommy a Senior Developer who's led development on multiple games. Ed joined, bringing his strong commercial background in Product, and previously in consulting. Together, the founding team started with deep hands-on experience in all aspects of game development.

Since 2012, the team has grown steadily, creating a strong, diverse culture and flat hierarchy, where every person makes a significant impact on our games. Our experienced leadership team also includes Steven (previously Technical Director at Playfish and EA), JJ (previously Product Director at Playfish and Microsoft), Bevy (previously Community Lead and Senior Specialist at EA Playfish), and Jane who brings experience in global marketing and partnership strategy and execution across multiple consumer products. Rob, our Head of Design brings skills honed at Lionhead, Microsoft and Electric Square. And last but not least, our Art Director Gylan is armed with decades of experience, not least from Outplay, Monumental Games and Climax Racing.



Supersolid is a leading mobile games studio based in Central London. We make games that make people happy.

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