You can set up a PIN code for purchase. This is the most effective way to prevent unintentional purchases.

Google Play
Please click on this link for a step-by-step instruction provided by Google’s support page.

Apple Devices
Please refer to Apple’s support info on Parental Control.

Windows Phone Users
Please follow this link to, and click on”What’s a Wallet PIN?” to reveal the step-by-step guide.
You may also check out their suggestions parental control:
Setting up Windows Phone for kids
Set up Kid’s Corner

We would strongly suggest that parents turn on PIN code for purchase on all the devices that are accessible to their children to prevent accidental purchases.


Parental Control

Our products and services feature additional paid content, or “in-app purchases”. Parents should take special precautions before handing mobile devices to anyone who may be too young to understand online transaction, and should take the initiative to ensure that their devices have the right parental control or password protection.

Please note that we review refund requests on a case-by-case basis, and refunds may not be guaranteed in the extreme misuses of our app.