LONDON, UK – November 13 2015 – Supersolid has announced the global launch of its latest game, Food Street, on both Apple iOS and Google Android platforms. This follows on from its early hit games, which include Super Penguins and Adventure Town. Food Street is available for free download in 12 languages on iOS and Android devices today.

On Apple App Store:
On Google Play:

Food Street is a restaurant simulation game with resource management game-play. Players enter a beautiful 3D world where they collect various ingredients, cook delicious dishes from all around the world and serve their customers. “We have focused on fine details, particularly with our amusing animations, and creating 200-over dishes in 2D and 3D to enhance the game simulation effect, which we think players will really appreciate,” said co-founder Kenneth Fejer. “With hundreds of stunning decorations, players can create their own truly unique-looking restaurant.”

What sets Food Street apart from its competition is the depth of its game features. For example, players will be able to team-up in Food Clubs, where they can chat in real-time and collaborate in fun themed competitions to win prizes. Each month, new themed events (including Christmas, upcoming) will introduce a whole new look to the Food Street world, with new characters, new ingredients, new dishes and new decorations. These regular updates will keep content fresh for players month after month.

Supersolid has designed Food Street for the rapidly growing market of casual gamers on mobile and tablet devices. “Food Street has a universally popular theme of food,” explained Edward Chin, co-founder. “With a simple concept of collect, cook and serve, it’s very easy to start playing. However, with the features and content we continually introduce, there’s an enormous amount of game-play to engage players over the long-term.”

Media Resource Pack (logos and images) via Dropbox:

Game trailer via YouTube:

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