UK mobile developer Supersolid signs for China success

LONDON – January 15th 2014 – Chinese gaming giant Rekoo today announced their first European deal with independent London based mobile games studio, Supersolid. The partnership is a key part of Rekoo’s expansion into the European mobile space and sees Rekoo covering various responsibilities to help Supersolid expand into the Chinese market.

Rekoo recently opened its European operation in the UK, and is here to offer unrivalled publishing
opportunities to aid mobile gaming studios in expanding their userbase across China. Founded in 2008 by CEO Liu Yong, Rekoo was one of the first Chinese social game developers to bring its games to Facebook, launching two games on the platform in 2009 to reach the US market. Beijing based Rekoo is now the largest player in the Chinese social gaming industry after its acquisition of another Chinese social game developer, Happy SNS in 2011.

Co-founder Edward Chin said, “With Supersolid’s first two games, Super Penguins and Adventure Town, our main goal has been to develop high quality free-to-play mobile games that charm and delight players all around the world. It’s impossible to ignore the size and opportunity of the mobile games market in China, but at the same time, it’s challenging for developers based in the west to enter the Chinese market alone.

Our new partnership with Rekoo is an incredibly exciting move for us. We are confident that Rekoo shares our commitment to quality, which will be key for both language and technical localisation of Adventure Town. Their strong relationship with major distribution platforms in China has the potential to bring Adventure Town to a significant new audience.”

“We are very excited about our new partnership with Supersolid and believe that we can make Adventure Town successful within the Chinese market.” said Lisa Pan, Angel Investor & CFO of Rekoo. “The Chinese mobile arena is quite complex, but due to our strong relationships with key stakeholders across the industry, we are able to offer the best possible publishing deal for studios here in Europe.”

The talented team at Supersolid have worked together on more than 70 titles prior to founding the studio. Their experience is second to none, creating accessible and engaging online games. After 10 years of working together in various studios, the team were determined to begin a new story, and continue pursuing their passion of making great games. Supersolid’s first game, Super Penguins, is now available on Android, iOS, Kindle and Kakao. Its second game, Adventure Town, launched globally in November 2013.

Rekoo is looking to speak with more developers to discuss opportunities within the European mobile gaming space. For more information please contact, and for more information about Rekoo, visit

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