Location: London, United Kingdom


Supersolid is a leading independent mobile games studio based in the heart of central London. We are a relatively small, but highly experienced team with a passion for creating charming category-defining games for our players all around the world. Our games have been downloaded over 40 million times to-date, and increasing! We’re backed by some of the highest profile investors in games and technology, including Index Ventures, Initial Capital and LocalGlobe.


What you’ll be up to

The Marketing Lead will take ownership of major marketing efforts, working across the Supersolid team with expert performance marketing and community professionals, product managers and, of course, great creative resources.

This is a highly entrepreneurial role, where you will create a framework considering our major marketing channels, understanding how these channels would impact Supersolid’s games, what potential partners we would be seeking and how potential partnerships would be integrated. We’ll need you to take ownership, experiment, and have fun doing it!

You will have a major impact both in and out of the game, with end-to-end oversight from strategy to implementation. We’ll need you to:

  • Be analytical with marketing experience, ideally in digital entertainment, lifestyle, celebrity, fashion, luxury, cosmetics.
  • Pursue new partnership opportunities, especially with lifestyle brands and personalities that fit well in our games, particularly Food Street and the new title in-development.
  • Have an awareness and appreciation of mobile games and free-to-play business models, the wider market and the competitive landscape.
    • What are competitors doing? What is working for them?
    • How is the market evolving?
    • How should we compare and benchmark our success against others?
    • What emerging opportunities exist that we should be exploring?
  • Take a holistic view of both Traditional (TV, Brand, Print..) & Performance Marketing.
    • Understand how each supports the other and how these can work for us.
    • Generate a coherent suite of assets that live across an entire campaign that is driven inside UA, TV, Partner & Platform Relations.
    • Have a clear understanding of how brand marketing needs to influence core KPIs including player engagement, retention, virality, conversion and monetisation.
  • Be part of maintaining and improving close relationships with the platform holders (Apple and Google) and their internal marketing teams.
    • Help ensure that we are positioned at the very heart of how the platform holders think about product, studios, new initiatives and their players.
  • Provide clear communication and insight into the rest of the business. The game teams, publishing & growth teams & the board. This role reports to the CEO, but get involved with all parts of the organisation!
  • Be able to present a coherent brand, marketing and product strategy externally, e.g. as part of a strategic discussion.
  • Make reliable, regular & clear communication to the business on timescales, delivery dates, ownership and objectives for every marketing deliverable.
  • Have a clear understanding of how to be integrated into the business and the dependencies that exist across all departments.

In return we offer:

Join a fun, talented and diverse team of professionals. We have grown organically over the past few years, fostering a culture that’s supportive, fun and productive. There are 27 of us from 16 different countries! You’ll be working alongside artists, animators, software engineers, designers, analysts, product managers and more! Together, we take a huge amount of pride in what we produce, and the results are visible from the strong and overwhelmingly positive community of players we have grown.

In the world of mobile games, we have amongst the most talented and experienced people. Our founders met at Playfish, where they all had senior roles. Playfish (acquired by Electronic Arts for $400m) was one of the early start-up successes in London. We also draw experience from other leading games and technology companies, including Microsoft, Natural Motion (Zynga), Mind Candy, Miniclip, Glu and Product Madness.


If you are interested in joining Supersolid, please email us!

* Please note that you need to be entitled to work in the UK. If you are not sure about your eligibility, please find out more information about working in the UK from GOV.UK.